Achieve Limitless Productivity & Performance
My Ultimate Step-By-Step Formula For Joining The 1% 
"Go through the course and you can thank me later!"
Spela Bednjanic
Psychology student & Professional Volleyball Player
If Only I Was As Smart As The Top 1% 

Do you know how often I hear: 

     > If only I had 1 more hour per day...or at least 30 minutes..."
     > I wish I was a smarter person...
     > I'm running out of time, I cannot finish all my tasks."
     > I want to follow my routine, but I don't know how to focus.."
     > I would go to the gym, but I have no energy for that"
     > Oh, I want to have my own business, but there is not enough time for that..."

I listen to such excuses every single day. And I do feel bad for those people. 

Most people have certain goals such as they want to take care of their family, they want to help others around the world, they want live a crazy live, own a house, they want to be financially free...

Yet, most people never succeed.


Mainly because they believe they simply don't have enough time during the day to finish all their tasks, they don't have enough energy, they cannot focus and finally, they can't perform on the highest level.  

What's funny is that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and other billionaires have exactly the same amount of time available each day as everyone else (if they don't use some kind of sci-fi hi-tech equipment they don't tell us about). 

So, where is the issue then?

You are just being extremely unproductive and that's why time runs away too quickly.

And it's not even your fault!

You just don't know how to get in the hyper-focused zone, how to dramatically increase your energy and outperform most people because you were never thought how to do it.

Actually, almost no one is teaching how to be productive, because those who have the know-how usually don't want any competition.

Basically, they don't want to see you succeed. 

Since I don't give a f*** what they think (and honestly, I want to see you outperform me) I've decided to learn the secrets of the 1% and share them with you. 

That was the starting point to hacking my life. 

As a results, I've started several successful business including a multi-million start-up, I've helped over 1000+ achieve limitless productivity, I already reached almost all of my important (and I'm "only" 27 years old) and I've never ever lived a healthier, happier and a more fulfilled life. 

So, do you want to achieve limitless productivity & performance? 
I have tested and optimized 200+ different productivity hacks in the past 7 years... 
What do Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and J. K. Rowling have in common? They optimized their productivity to a level most of you find impossible to reach. Luckily, when learning from the most successful people in the world I figured out they are more or less using the same advanced strategies which you can implement right away. 

Should you hustle 24/7 or follow the strict sleep regimen?
Well, you can do both...
If you listen to people such as Gary Vaynerchuck or Arnold Schwarzenger, they will tell you that you should sleep less or sleep faster, so you can save some time during the night to work on your dreams. If you, on the oher side, listen to doctors and health experts, they will tell you to sleep more or less 7-9 hours per day no matter what. Guess what? By using a systematic approach you can shorten your sleep while increasing the quality of it and stay healthy. 
I have an average IQ. I cannot become successful...
Through most of my youth, I (wrongly) believed I will never be successful because my IQ is just average, my memory sucks and hell no, I cannot stay focused for more than 5 minutes. Yet, I lived in a lie. Let me show the secrets to hack your memory & focus. 
Are there any secrets that only the MOST successful people know? 
Have you ever heard about nootropics? Biohacking? Stem cells? Fasting? How you can use the latest medical discoveries to achieve limitless performance? 
Start Hacking Your Life Right Away.
Achieve 10X Results!
The Result:
Limitless University
I have decided to combine all my research, know-how, strategies, tricks and tips and create the most advanced online library on hacking your productivity & performance. 

The result is Limitless University.

I have decided to create Limitless University when I figured out that:

1. I wasn't the only one being held back in my career by a lack of productivity
2. Most people don't know the secrets of the worlds successful high-performers
3. Many people would love to achieve better results, but don't know how

Now think about when you felt like this the last time?

When you wanted to do something great, but you were too afraid of doing it?

When you wanted to work on you dreams, but you didn't believe you have the capability to do it?


I was first afraid of publishing my content... I didn't know what will people do with all new knowledge, energy, and power they would gain from the course.

But when I saw first results - first successes in business & private life, I knew I made the right decision. 

So, what is Limitless University and why should you join it? 
"I LOVE This Course. It's unbelievable."
"Grega is very organised and talented; he loves implementing new ideas. He has helped many entrepreneurs, including me, with his advice on how to improve productivity and master my skills. It is a great pleasure working with him."
Monica Horvat
Digital Marketing Influencer & CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency
"Breaking the rules is in his DNA."
"I've known Grega since UNI and we instantly connected. He is that type of guy who thinks a lot about the world around him, but with one MAJOR difference. He believes (and rightly so) that he can manipulate and change the world not just for him, but most importantly, for the people around him. Breaking the rules is in his DNA."
Klemen Selakovic
Award-winning UI/UX Designer, Visual Designer & Creative
Who Is Limitless University For?
  •  People who lack focus & energy
  •  Those who want to achieve extraordinary results
  •  Those who want to live a successful lifestyle 
  •  People who want to dramatically increase their productivity
  • Those who want to achieve more by working less
  • People who are willing to take action
Who Is Limitless University NOT For?
  •  People who believe that extraordinary results can happen with ordinary work
  • People who don't want to move their ass to achieve results
  •  People who don't like freedom 
What Is Limitless University? 

Limitles University combines over 7+ modules, over 3 hours of videos, over 100+ additional resources, tricks & tips on how to achieve limitless productivity & performance.

It is probably the most advanced online course on achieving ultimate performance, that is based on 7+ years of my research, experimentation, and optimisation of strategies, habits, and tools that the most successful people use every day. 

Here is just some of the things you'll be able to do using Limitless University: 

  •  Consistently work on the highest-possible level (like the 1% of most successful people)
  •  Get in the power flow and achieve killer productivity
  •  Dramatically boost your memory & focus
  •  Learn the secrets of the worlds best high-performers
  •  Become energised without drinking coffee
  •  Outperform everyone around you
  •  Have proven tools to turn you into unbeatable beast
  •  Optimise your sleep like never before
  •  Make all your goals (finally) achievable
  •  Feel like your IQ has doubled
  •  Never be the unsuccessful one 

Even if you feel like your life today is still far from your goals, Limitless Universitity will take you step-by-step each leg of the journey, guiding you along so that you can easily follow the program and easily achieve unbelivable results & gains. 
"Thanks a million."
I never knew that I could feel this smart and focused. This made me feel motivated, energized and well, much much smarter. Thanks a million! 
Gustav Soderberg
"So amazing!"
I need about half the time to achieve the same results as I did about a year ago. I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't so obvious!
Ziga Plahutar
Professional Photographer
What Is Inside Limitless University? 
Module 1: 
10X Your Productivity
  •  Strategies to achieve limitless productivity
  •  How to set goals like a PRO
  •  The 3X Rule (you'll love it)
  •  How to get in the POWER FLOW
  •  How to do batched multitasking (A real game-changer)
  •  Become a Master of Priorities 
  •  Set your deadlines (my dirty little secret) 
  •  How to achieve any goal you desire? 
  •  Deadlines optimisation 
  •  Which tools are the most successful people using? 
Module 2: 
Set-up a Perfect Morning Routine
  •  How to dominate your morning
  •  The secret of waking up
  •  Avoid the usual & hidden mistakes
  •  Learn the most advanced strategies & tricks
  •  A hidden 5-0 strategy that can save your day
Module 3: 
Boost Your Energy & Focus
  •  My special elixir to boost your energy
  •  The strategy that gives you the power to outperform 99% of people
  •  10 Advanced strategies to dramatically improve your focus
  •  Want to boost your alertness? Follow this special rule
  •  Best tools you should know about
Module 4: 
12 Strategies From The Worlds Best High-Performers
  •  12 secrets of the best
  •  The hidden truth about your productivity
  •  Special strategy no one else will tell about
Module 5: 
Hack Your Sleep
  •  My perfect evening routine
  •  How to nap like a pro
  •  10 strategies to dramatically improve your sleep
  •  What to do if you cannot fall asleep? 
  •  Tools, supplements and nootropics you should use
  •  Power Sleep Tips
Module 6: 
The Power Of Biohacking
  •  My favorite biohacking strategies
  •  What are nootropics, which nootropics should you take and how to get the most out of them?
  •  Supplements that should be on your daily menu
Lifetime Bonus Content
 How To Improve Your Memory By 200%
Value: $297
  •  A special strategy that will help you remember EVERYTHING
  •  How to quickly remember names, dates and faces
  •  How to "build your own memory palace?"
VIP Membership Group 
Value: $324
  •  Best monthly strategies, tricks & tips on improving your energy, focus and productivity levels
  •  The most advanced nootropics & nootropic stacks that I’m testing (and no one else knows about)
  •  Leading tips on hacking your sleep
  •  Exclusive tips from the worlds famous productivity experts
  •  Exclusive nootropic deals to save more money on nootropics than the cost of this membership!
  •  Live monthly Q&A sessions to answer all your questions
 TOP Lifehacking Tools
Value: #197
  •  Get a list of my most recommended tools, apps and gadgets for ultimate productivity
  •  Receive my top recommendation on the best books to read
  •  Other bonuses
How do I Join Limitless University? 
Limitless University Access 
  • Lifetime Access To Limitless University - 6+ modules, 30+ videos and more than 3 hours of unbelievable content ($2,997)
  • TOP Apps, Gadgets, Software, Books, Podcasts and Other Tools - To help you achieve ultimate performance in less than 30 days ($997)
  • A Step-By-Step Plan To Hack Your Sleep - In just 1 week without any struggle whatsoever ($497) 
  • Strategies From The Worlds TOP Performers - How you can achieve limitless performance no matter you IQ or your current productivity level ($397)
  • BONUS 1: Improve Your Memory By 200% - My special strategy that will help you remember everything in less than 5 minutes ($297)
  • BONUS 2: VIP Membership Group - 1-year access included ($324)
  • BONUS 3: Top Lifehacking Tools ($197)
Value: $5,706
Special offer: $197

To cover all of this lifehacking goodness in my private coaching program takes 2-3 months and over $6,000 investment.

In 2018 I had a student who studied all the material that is now available inside Limitless University, and in less than 3 months, he dramatically improved his performance and earned more money in 3 months than in the whole year before. 

So, is this coaching way more valuable than $6,000? Absolutely, there is no doubt about it! But that doesn't make it any more affordable if you don't have that kind of cash in the bank. 

That's why I decided to distill everything I used to offer in private coaching into Limitless University, and now you can get all the benefits of coaching for just $197!

That’s 90% off what you would have to invest to cover the same amount in private coaching, and it comes with a daily step-by-step system, a community of people to answer any questions you have, plus neverending instant access to any future bonuses I add to Limitless University.

So if you know that Limitless University is right for you and you’re ready to commit to this, there’s never going to be a better time than right now.
Spela B
"Professional Volleyball Player & Student Of Psychology"
"It changed my life. Literally"
Spela has been among best volleyball players on her position in every league she played since she was 12 years old.

Besides her volleyball career, she always ranked among 1% of best students during high-school and at the university.

However, constant pressure left consequences and so she struggled with focusing on the right activities, planning and being productive when really necessary.

Lack of time played a crucial role. 

After reading The Limitless You book, she applied the necessary steps and started using the tactics of the worlds best performers.

Soon after, she joined the Limitless University!

In a few months, she drastically improved her performance, but more importantly, she has been finally able to balance her work & private life and find the time for her other passions. 
"This is THE BEST COURSE ever"
Spela ranks about 1% of best students
Several-time MVP
Do you want to dominate the world? 
It was around 5 years ago when I was asked the following question by my mentor, a well-recognised financial advisor. 

 "Greg, do you want to dominate the world? Because if you want, there is some serious work waiting for you."

 I though about it for a second, and then I almost jumped into him and said: I'll do whatever it is necessary to do. 

And that's how it all started. I became obsessed with hacking my productivity & performance.

It wasn't easy at first. I was struggling with my health, I had no energy, I had no willpower, I wasn't focused, I was in a bad shape (or no shape at all). Even though there were moments I was highly motivated, I couldn't get anything out of me on all other days. 

Whenever there was hard work waiting for me, I simply failed. I couldn't bare the harsh life so I was about to give up, until I gave myself one final option. Since I had nothing to lose, I went ALL IN. 

Days and weeks were passing by and I was reading like crazy, doing research, experimenting with strategies, tools, diets, exercises, I was talking to productivity experts and I started learning from the best.

2 months later I still couldn't compare my performance to the 5% of most successful people, BUT I was able to notice a major improvement. Instead of comparing myself to others, I started comparing my today's performance to the yesterday's one. 

Day by day, I was getting better, more energized, focused & productive.

Most importantly, I was starting to feel better, happier and I started believing in myself again.

This lead to my first startup at my age of 23 (worth $2,5 million), I became the best Master's student at of one top 60 World Universities, I started a successful digital marketing agency and I also launched Your Inception, which has way over 100,000 monthly followers (and growing).

Limitless University gathers all my know-how, tricks, strategies, tools, apps and supplements that helped me get to this point. It's my legacy which already helped over 1000 people dramatically improve their productivity...

...and I'm sure it will help you as well. Because we both know you finally want to get in the zone and rock'n'roll it. 
My personal GUARANTEE
I want to make sure this elevates your life to the point where the investment in yourself is a no brainer.

So I have decided to include a special guarantee that will make your jaw drop.

If in 30 days of purchasing for whatever reason you don't like Limitless University, I'll refund 100% of your purchase (and you'll be able to keep the access to University).

You don't need to explain and you don't need to convince me.

Just shoot me an email and you'll get your money back.

I offer this because I know how powerful this program is.

THAT is how confident I am in the value of Limitless University.

Listen, the bottom line is, it’s going to be amazing. I know it is and I know that after you see it, you’ll feel the same.

And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and make this 100% risk-free for you.

Join Limitless University NOW and let’s hack your life together! Because if you dedicate yourself to it, Limitless University will change your life.
Limitless University Access 
  • Lifetime Access To Limitless University - 6+ modules, 30+ videos and more than 3 hours of unbelievable content ($2,997)
  • TOP Apps, Gadgets, Software, Books, Podcasts and Other Tools - To help you achieve ultimate performance in less than 30 days ($997)
  • A Step-By-Step Plan To Hack Your Sleep - In just 1 week without any struggle whatsoever ($497) 
  • Strategies From The Worlds TOP Performers - How you can achieve limitless performance no matter you IQ or your current productivity level ($397)
  • BONUS 1: Improve Your Memory By 200% - My special strategy that will help you remember everything in less than 5 minutes ($297)
  • BONUS 2: VIP Membership Group - 1-year access included ($324)
  • BONUS 3: Top Lifehacking Tools ($197)
Value: $5,706
Special offer: $197
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. Do I have to totally changd my life to achieve great personal productivity & performance? 
Not really, a dramatic change is not always required nor desired. You can achieve absolutely fantastic results by slowly improving different areas of cognitive performance, productivty & sleep. If you improve only 1% per week, you will be almost 2x better in 1 year. How great is that? 
2. Will I have to invest in all bunch of supplements, gadgets, and other tools to achieve great results? 

Absolutely not. If you do, however, I'll make sure you'll get the best price possible. 
3. Is there a money-back guarantee in case I'm not satisfied with your program?
Yes, definitely. In case you are unstasfied (which is highly unlikely to happen), I'll refund you 100% of your money. Just send me an email in 30 days after purchase in case you are not satisfied and I'll refund you money without asking any questions. 
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